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We are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in Colombian communities by inspiring and supporting children and youth through impactful education and well-being initiatives.


To support organizations and reduce poverty cycles by inspiring and supporting Latin-American children and youth with education and well-being.


The Winged Foundation Children in Colombia

We exist so that Latin-American children and youth can find their life purpose and spread their wings to new opportunities. 


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More about us and our duck!

The Winged Foundation’s core mission is to empower Latin American children and youth through scholarships for in-demand skills. We believe education, as outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals for Good Health and Well-being and Quality Education, is crucial for early development and future success.

Expanding Horizons for Latin American Children and Youth:
At The Winged Foundation, we believe in changing the narrative for children and youth in Latin America. We envision a future where they can explore new frontiers, cultures, and possibilities.

Traveling broadens perspectives, ignites dreams, and fosters the belief that anything is achievable. We believe Latin American children and youth deserve the opportunity to learn a second language, experience the world firsthand, and become true global citizens.

Inspired by the migratory journeys of the Blue-winged Teal, we symbolize the potential for travel from North to South America and beyond.  We serve as the launching pad for their global exploration, equipping them with education, resources, and the confidence to pursue their dreams. As Nelson Mandela said, “Everything seems impossible until it is done.”  At The Winged Foundation, we empower them to make the impossible, possible.

Our Purpose


• To reduce school dropouts by promoting education as a tool that inspires children and youth towards a life with goals and purpose, free of inequalities and full of passion.
• Assist and support their academic journey guaranteeing good health and well-being considered essential in the early stages of life while contributing to their basic needs to study. 
• Relieve poverty cycles in Colombian communities by amplifying their vision of life and opportunities.


By fostering a strong and engaged community within Canada, we aim to build a foundation for our global impact.  Canadian volunteers contribute their valuable skills, while newcomers receive support to integrate and thrive. This creates a powerful cycle of empowerment.  A skilled and passionate Canadian team, alongside successful newcomers, allows us to maximize our support, and integrate cultures and languages into one mission:  Improve quality education in Latin-American communities as the catalyst to reduce poverty cycles. 

Purposes and Activities

Charitable Purposes

The Winged Foundation’s Charitable purposes fall within the following two categories:
Advancement of education:
Advancing education by providing scholarships based on a combination of academic achievement and financial need to Latin-American children and youth to learn a second language or on-demand skills. 
Relief of poverty:
Relieving poverty of Latin-American Children and Youth who are experiencing poverty by providing scholarships that allow learning a second language or on-demand skills. 

Why Canada & Latin America?
Why Children & Youth?

We believe in building bridges between Canada and Latin America. This is our way to create a lasting connection where both countries can learn from and support each other.
Challenges Faced by Latin American Youth:
Many Latin American communities especially in remote areas, struggle with access to quality education. Children often face a heartbreaking choice: leave their families and familiar lands to attend schools in larger towns or forgo education altogether. This displacement can have a significant impact on their mental and emotional well-being.
Beyond Accessibility:
Even in established schools, resources and internet connectivity often fall short of what’s needed for a quality education. This lack of proper tools hinders learning and limits opportunities for Latin American youth.

Empowering Latin-American children and youth to reach their full potential by making education a pathway to a fulfilling life, is our goal. We envision a future free from inequality, where education ignites passion and purpose.

Our Approach:
Educational Support: We provide academic guidance through our scholarship programs and ensure basic needs are met, fostering good health and well-being.
Breaking the Cycle: We want to break the cycle of poverty by expanding students’ vision of their future and the opportunities education and access to new languages and skills unlock.

Why We Do It:
Education is a fundamental human right, and every Latin American child deserves access. By nurturing their potential from a young age, we’re investing in tomorrow’s leaders – individuals with a strong sense of purpose, both personally and within their communities.

Our Duck Metaphor:
At the Winged Foundation, we all embrace a student’s spirit. We are learners, leaders, and above all, we believe everyone has the potential to take flight. To wing it! Imagine our students as ducks with the power to explore and discover their best selves. Education equips them with the wings to soar, and ultimately, return to inspire others.

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