Quacktastic News (March 2024)

Taking Flight with The Winged Foundation!🦆💙

Quaaaack! 🦆 (That means our duck is saying hi to you!)

Hello You!

March is upon us, and with it comes a momentous day: International Women’s Day (March 8th)! This entire month, we celebrate the incredible women and girls who inspire us every day 🚺. We want to thank you for supporting us –a women-led foundation of mostly female volunteers working from 4 different countries! Without you we couldn’t make it, so THANK YOU. 💜💪🏼

Education Empowers Women and Girls 📚

International Women’s Day is a powerful reminder of the importance of education for girls and women. Did you know?

Globally, 132 million girls are out of school (UNESCO, 2023).

Educated girls are more likely to marry later, have fewer children, and earn higher incomes (World Bank, 2021).

Investing in girls’ education is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty (Malala Fund, 2024).

And you know what? This is what moves us. Winged’s mission is to inspire and support Colombian children and youth with education and well-being, including girls and young women. 📌

Introducing Patricia, a Winged Student!

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Patricia, the brilliant recipient of our scholarship program who’s dedicated to learn English as a second language. But Patricia’s talents extend far beyond the classroom!

She’s actively involved in a project in the Vaupés department, in Colombia, working hand-in-hand with artisan families. Her passion for art and culture has even led her to showcase her work at prestigious showrooms/exhibitions like Expoartesanos Bogotá and Expoartesanos Medellín.

Patricia is a true inspiration, and we’re incredibly proud to have her as a Winged Student! Be sure to check out her story here.

Spreading Wings in Colombia! 🦆

We’re excited to share upcoming events in Colombia! One of our dedicated volunteers, Alejo, will be leading a Mental Health Workshop for 298 students 🧑🏽‍🏫. This event wouldn’t be possible without the generous donations we received last month. A huge thank you to all our incredible supporters! 💙

Thanks to your contributions, we will be able to provide a vast collection of English textbooks for this group of students 📚. Stay tuned for a heartwarming update on how the event unfolds!

How you can help! 

We’re always looking for passionate individuals like you to join our mission. Here’s how you can make a difference:

Donate. Every contribution, big or small, helps us provide educational opportunities to Colombian children and youth.👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏾👬🏽 Visit our donation page.

Spread the Word. Share this newsletter with your friends and family! Let’s work together to empower future generations.🗣️

New Mech Alert! 💥💥 

We’re thrilled to announce a brand new way to support The Winged Foundation: Merch! 👕We’ve crafted a fantastic selection of tote bags, t-shirts, hats, water bottles, and more! 👜👚🧢All proceeds go directly towards funding our educational programs.

Write to us at our email and stay tuned to visit our online shop!

Thank You!

💙From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your continued support. Together, we’re making a real difference in the lives of Colombian children and youth.🤍

With Gratitude,

The Winged Foundation Team.

Pst! Don’t forget to share this newsletter with your friends and family! Let’s spread the wings of education even wider!

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