Quacktastic News (May 2024)

Quacktastic News From Our Duck! 📢 💛


️🦆 May has arrived, and our feathered friend is spreading its wings once more! 💙We’re excited to welcome you to this month’s Winged Foundation newsletter. A heartfelt thanks to our amazing supporters. Your continued generosity allows us to empower Colombian children and youth through education and well-being programs. Let’s see what exciting things are taking flight this month! 💪🏼 

  • We’re excited to announce a new Winged Campaign with Planeta Immiland English Courses! ¿The deal? Buy a course using our code and Planeta Immiland will donate another course to a deserving youth on a Colombian island! 🧑🏽‍🏫🏝️🇨🇴
  • We recently purchased a fantastic collection of 80 brand-new English-language books with your donations! These flew all the way from Canada to land at a rural school in Colombia. 📚
  • We love Spanish! But we know English is super important, so we’re helping Colombian kids learn it. Know the reasons why from your feathered friend with some feathery facts. 🦆 Quack! 📢

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Making an impact

Flying High with 1-for-1! 🧑🏽‍🏫  

We are very excited to announce a brand new Winged Campaign that will have you quacking with joy!  We’ve partnered with Planeta Immiland English Courses for a fantastic 1-for-1 initiative. Here’s the deal: for every English course you purchase on their platform using the discount code THEWINGEDFOUNDATION, Planeta Immiland will generously donate another course to a deserving youth in Santa Cruz del Islote island, Colombia! 🇨🇴 

That’s right! By investing in your English language skills, you’ll be simultaneously helping Colombian youth spread their wings and unlock a world of opportunities. This 1-for-1 campaign perfectly aligns with Winged’s core mission: empowering Colombian children and youth through education.  

Head over to Planeta Immiland’s website, brush up on your English skills, and be  part of something truly special! 💙 

What we have been up to

Books for wings📚

Thanks to our special main supporter – that’s you! – we’ve been busy spreading our wings and making a real difference in the lives of Colombian children. Recently, with the help of your generous donations, we were able to purchase a impressive collection of 80 brand-new ESL (English as a second language) textbooks! Directly from Canada to Comunitario Cerritos Elementary School in the rural community of Pereira, Colombia. 

These books are more than just stories – they’re keys that will unlock a world of language learning for these kids, ages 4 to 12. To see the joy on the faces of these children as they receive their new books, be sure to follow us on social media! We’ll be sharing photos and updates on how these resources are helping them improve their English skills. 

About Winged

Why does our duck speak English? 🦆

Oh, we truly love el español 💃🏽! But we are aware of the importance of English in today’s world, and you know one of our missions is to support Colombian kids to learn this language. ¿Wanna know why? 👀 Here is a message from our duck with some facts and figures: 

📢🦆 Here’s why learning English is like the best kind of fish for a wise duck:

  • More than 2 billion creatures speak this language, making it super important to learn. Also, it is the primary language for business ducks 😉
  • Lots of places to find work! No matter where you want to make your nest, if you speak English you’ll be more competitive in the job market
  • Fly to amazing schools! The best universities in the world often use English. Knowing this language will open doors for you to fly even further!
  • Make friends from everywhere! English is like a secret code that lets you chat with ducks from all over the world!

Call to Action

How You Can Help! 🤲🏽❤️

🧑🏽‍🏫Join Our 1-for-1 Campaign with Planeta Immiland!  By purchasing an English course on Planeta Immiland’s platform using the code THEWINGEDFOUNDATION, you’ll not only be brushing up on your own skills, but you’ll also be helping a deserving youth in Santa Cruz del Islote learn English too! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Donate Your Support!  Every contribution, big or small, makes a real difference in the lives of these young learners. Head over to our website at or click on the button below to donate securely and directly to our cause.  

👩‍💼Partner with us, Be a volunteer! Do you have a passion for education and a desire to make a positive impact? We’re always looking for dedicated volunteers to help us with a variety of tasks.  Whether you have graphic design skills, love writing, or simply enjoy connecting with others, we have a place for you in our flock!  Feel free to send us a message through our website and let us know how you’d like to get involved. 

🗣️Spread the Word! One of the most powerful ways you can help is by simply sharing our work with others. Tell your colleagues about us during your coffee breaks, chat with your family at reunions, or even strike up a conversation with a stranger in the elevator – why not!. Share our newsletter, engage with our social media posts, and let everyone know about the amazing things happening at The Winged Foundation 🦆💙 

Spanglish Store 🧢

Oye! Don’t forget to check out our awesome new Winged Foundation merch! We’ve got t-shirts, tote bags, and more. By donating you are supporting our mission – while looking great 😎Head over to our Spanglish Store to see the latest designs and show your Winged apoyo! 

What’s coming 💪🏼

1-for-1 Campaign and new looks! 

First, don’t forget to stay tuned to our social media channels for all the latest updates on our incredible 1-for-1 campaign with Planeta Immiland English Courses. 

Secondly, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re undergoing a bit of a transformation!  Keep your eyes peeled for a fresh new look for both our website and this very newsletter.

❤️We’re growing, we’re achieving amazing things for Colombian children and youth, and none of it would be possible without your support. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being part of this. We’re making a real difference in the world, one young learner at a time. 🦆See you next month!

With Gratitude,

The Winged Foundation Team

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