Quacktastic News (September 2023)

Big Hi! Our duck is happy to see you! 🦆

Quaaaack! 🦆 (That means our duck is saying hi to you!)

We have many things to tell you, but first: Thank you 💙 We appreciate your support and time you spend reading these newsletters, following what we are doing, and sharing our content. We are more than happy to keep up with this journey of helping Colombian children and youth to find their purpose and expand their wings.

Now, hold your cup of coffee ☕️ because you will be thrilled to know what we’ve been up to these past months.

Winged Students🌟

Patricia, a young woman working with artisan families in the Vaupés department, Colombia, has achieved huge milestones by participating in two major fairs: Expo Artesanos del Vaupés and Expo Artesanos Medellín. She just joined our lists as a Winged Students and we couldn’t be happier to have her. Stay tuned for more updates on Patricia’s journey as we continue to support her and the Vaupés community. We are strongly committed to improving education for children and youth across Latin America, just like her. 📚✨

Our support process

At the Winged Foundation, we partner with community members to understand the life goals of our Winged Students and provide access to a second language, breaking the poverty cycle and fostering long-term solutions to their challenges. We offer continuous support to our Winged Students, ensuring their daily needs are met alongside their educational journey.

Beyond graduation, our Winged Students become part of a thriving Winged Community, supported by generous donors like you. We empower them to achieve their life’s purpose and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.🎓💪🏡

Winged Course Sponsorship is an opportunity to personally impact a child, youth, and even a Colombian family/community in need by providing access to #QualityEducation.

As a donor, you will have the opportunity to connect directly with our Winged Student, mentor and support their academic journey! For more information on this/questions, please DM or send an email —we can send you a PDF guide with the program details! ❤️📚🌎

The faces behind the duck

In other news, our dedicated board of directors has been diligently exploring opportunities to expand our reach and impact more Latin children and youth. We appreciate your ongoing support as we work towards our goals. Check out our team photo to see the faces behind our mission, and join us in tracking our progress and celebrating our achievements.

Our duck out there 🦆😎

Our social media content has been geared towards sharing our story and mission. Take a look at some of our recent highlights!

Call out to Web Designers! 💻 

Last but not least, we have a big call for volunteers. We’re currently seeking a passionate UI/UX web designer to join our incredible team and help enhance our already beautiful website. If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please apply through the volunteers page on our website.

Give an opportunity for life  🎁

This is for a Canadian, or an organization or person in Colombia that wants to sponsor the first level to give the opportunity to a Colombian Child or Youth that qualifies to receive it under our conditions to qualify: social conditions, enthusiasm, life purpose, expectations and availability.

You can do so by purchasinga WingedGift of $410 CAD at a discounted price thanks to our Partner @planetaImmiland. If you want to sponsor a full course (all levels) you  can DM us/ Contact us via email.

For a person that does not have the opportunity to study abroad, and that does not have the economic capacity to pay for a course like the one we offer, this $410 CAD is their open door to a really big opportunity that can change their lives forever! 

Let us give you an idea! You can partner with friends and family to achieve this goal and in exchange, you will receive a Winged Appreciation Gift.

For Canadians or organizations and individuals

Looking to sponsor the first level and provide the opportunity to a qualifying Colombian child or youth, we have specific conditions in place, including social background, enthusiasm, life purpose, expectations, and availability.

You can make this possible by purchasing

For those who lack the opportunity to study abroad and the financial means to afford our courses, this $410 CAD is their gateway to a life-changing opportunity. It can forever transform their lives!

Here’s an idea: you can team up with friends and family to achieve this goal. In return, you’ll receive a token of our gratitude with a Winged Appreciation Gift.😊🎓

Make a change today!

If you represent an organization or foundation, we invite you to collaborate with us for a shared purpose! You can find information on how to partner with us easily by visiting this link. 

But don’t go yet! If you are not an organization and you just found yourself watching our gallery and reading about Winged Community and Wingcycle2 with excitement, then you could think about donating to Colombian children and youth yourself! Please consider helping children and youth find their life purpose by donating here.

And remember, if you’re an individual who believes in the power of education and wants to support Colombian children and youth, you can make a difference by making a donation

If you are getting this email in your SPAM folder, please make sure you save our email address as a trusted one for the next time 😉

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