Quacktastic News (Welcome 2024)

Quacktastic news from The Winged Foundation! 🦆

Quaaaack! 🦆 (That means our duck is saying hi to you!)

Happy 2024, everyone! We’re thrilled to have you back for another exciting year with the Winged Foundation. As you know, our mission remains unchanged: providing educational opportunities to empower Colombian children and youth.

Looking back at 2023, we’re filled with gratitude for all we achieved together. Our team tirelessly pursued our goals, and thanks to your support, we saw countless dreams take flight! ✨  

Don’t miss a moment of the magic -check out our 2023 Reel Recap here.

From the bottom of our quacky hearts, a HUGE thank you to the best volunteer team ever! We sent heartwarming Christmas cards to express our gratitude ❤️

Remember the WingCycle2 project? Is a project where we offer scholarships that grant access to English language acquisition to children and youth in Colombia. To make this possible, we partner with community members to understand the life goals of our Winged Students and provide access to a second language, breaking the poverty cycle and fostering long-term solutions to their challenges. We offer continuous support to our Winged Students, ensuring their daily needs are met alongside their educational journey.

–Wow, that is very heartwarming, how can I help?

Winged Course Sponsorship is an opportunity to personally impact a child, youth, and even a Colombian family/community in need by providing access to #QualityEducation. 

As a donor, you will have the opportunity to connect directly with our WingedStudent, mentor and support their academic journey! For more information on this/questions, please DM or reply to this email —we can send you a PDF guide with the program details! 📚🌎

More info here.

Welcome to a very Winged 2024! 🦆

But let’s not dwell on the past! In this new year, our board of directors has already laid out ambitious plans for our metaphorical (and literal) duck to soar even higher! We’re bursting with excitement about upcoming projects, but the most exciting part is having you by our side on this journey.

An invitation for equipment recycling! 💻 

Speaking of journeys, are you thinking about upgrading your laptop? Remember, we’re still collecting used laptops or equipment to donate to Colombian kids & youth! Follow our social media for details on how to contribute 

Winged Celebrations ❤️

And now, for some exciting news! We’re welcoming two talented new members to the Winged family: Angie and Fer! They are passionate about our mission of providing educational opportunities to empower Colombian children and youth, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their contributions. They’re already working their magic to redesign and refresh our beautiful website. Stay tuned for the big reveal! 

Give an opportunity for life  🎁 

Remember, your contributions, big or small, make a world of difference! With just $20, you can support the allocation of one scholarship. Let’s empower together! Donate here.

Thank you for being part of our incredible story. Keep following and supporting us on our social media!

🦆 With gratitude,

The Winged Foundation Team.

Make a change today!

If you are an organization or foundation interested in supporting second language education in Colombia, we want to hear from you and your purpose! You can find information about how to collaborate with us:

But don’t go yet! If you are not an organization and you just found yourself reading about Winged Community and Wingcycle2 with excitement, then you could think about donating to Colombian children and youth yourself! Please consider helping children and youth find their life purpose by donating here:

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