Empowering Dreams: WingCycle2 Scholarships Awarded to Mónica Vergara and Yeison Grisales

Big Hi! Our duck is happy to see you! We are excited to bring you the combined updates from The Winged Foundation!

As our lives continue to evolve, we are making significant progress on various projects. Some are still in the planning phase, and we will keep you informed in future newsletters! For now, we are thrilled to share our recent achievement with you!

WingCycle2 Scholarships for Our Team Members

In a heartwarming turn of events, we have awarded two WingCycle2 scholarships to two dedicated volunteers, Mónica Vergara and Yeison Grisales, both of whom reside in Manizales, Caldas, Colombia. This initiative exemplifies our commitment not only to benefiting the community but also to nurturing the growth of our team members. We believe that learning should have no boundaries, and Mónica and Yeison are perfect examples of this philosophy.

Changes to Our Board of Directors

We have been diligently working on some exciting changes within our Board of Directors. Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on the new additions to our leadership team. These individuals bring fresh perspectives and expertise to our mission, and we cannot wait to introduce them to you for our continued growth!

This is how our Board looks!
Board Roles:

  • Marketing & Communications
  • Programs & Operations
  • Donors & Volunteers
  • President
  • Chief Governance Officer
  • Treasurer
  • Treasurer Advisor

A chat with Planeta Immiland

Our president is gearing up for an insightful Instagram Live session with our esteemed partners, Planeta Immiland. They’ve been our main partners in providing several scholarships for our WingCycle2 project, and this conversation promises to be both enlightening and inspiring. Tune in to gain valuable insights into our collaborative efforts to make education accessible to Colombian children and youth.

planeta immiland logo

Winged Foundation’s new look!

the winged foundation logo

If you have noticed, we have slightly changed our image. We have renewed our logo, colors, and Instagram page. This is, of course, thanks to our Marketing & Communications Team and our designer Juan Villegas, who has refreshed our duck’s new look! Visit more of Juan’s work, We are so happy to have him as part of our team. A big quack hug for him!

Juan Villegas
Juan Villegas

Before we sign off, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our supporters, family, friends, and volunteers who have been with us on this incredible journey. Your unwavering support, whether through sharing our social media, donating, or simply spreading love, means the world to us. 

A big quack of thank you to every one of you! We’ll be sharing more stories and achievements in the coming months, so stay connected with us on social media and explore our previous newsletters to catch up on our progress. Together, we can continue to expand our wings and create positive change in the lives of Colombian children and youth. 

Thank you for being a part of the Winged Foundation family, and together, let’s continue to soar higher and make a positive impact! With gratitude, Winged Foundation Team.

Make a change today!

If you represent an organization or foundation, we invite you to collaborate with us for a shared purpose! But don’t go yet! If you are not an organization and you just found yourself watching our gallery and reading about Winged Community and Wingcycle2 with excitement, then you could think about donating to Colombian children and youth yourself!

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